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Gorgeous Grey Movement
How To Boldly Own Your Sparkle


A health scare woke me up and I decided to ditch the dye for the health of it. Let's dive in and look at why we dye our hair, how it impacts our health and examine why we are so afraid to go GREY?

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Meet Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Networking Marketing Professional and Author.


 In 2005, I partnered with the Juice Plus Company and today my Sweet Life Tribe is one of the top performing teams in the company offering: a supportive community, residual income potential and a healthy lifestyle program called, Your Sweet Body.

Recently, I started the Gorgeous Grey Movement in 2018 after a health scare woke me up and I decided to ditch the dye and write a book "Get Naked: With Your Natural Hair Colour" about my journey.

My mission is to inspire women to LOVE their body and OWN THEIR SPARKLE!

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I love the woman I am because I've fought hard to become her.

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