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Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a Nutritionist and Menopause Expert who helps women lose weight and feel great in Menopause.

Is Losing Weight During Menopause Even Possible?!
The short answer -- YES! And you can enjoy the process too.

Inside this FREE Menopause Reset Guide, I share the 5 practical & healthy things I did to lose 25 pounds during Menopause.

Meet Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 

Menopause, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Menopause Expert,  Networking Marketing Professional and Author.


 In 2005, I partnered with a Global Health Company and today my team is one of the top performing teams in the company offering: a supportive community, residual income potential and a healthy lifestyle program.

I started the Gorgeous Grey Movement in 2018 after a health scare woke me up and I decided to ditch the dye and write a book "Gorgeous Grey Movement - How to Boldly Own Your Sparkle".

Recently, I started focusing on helping women lose weight in menopause after my own struggles with stubborn weight gain after 50. After losing 25 pounds in menopause I was inspired to co-create the Menopause Reset 8 week program.

My new podcast: Gorgeous Grey - Real Conversations about Aging as a Women launched in October 2022.

My mission is to help women lead empowering lives and inspire them to feel healthy in their changing bodies.


Learn More About Becoming an Affiliate
With a Global Health Company

Are you ready to make more money, create an impact and have a super flexible schedule?  

Are you ready to connect with a like minded community who values health and helping others?

This opportunity changed my life and pulled me closer to my purpose. I am looking to mentor more women and help create healthier communities together.
Click below to read about the powerful women who are making an impact.....

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Curious About Going Grey? Read My Book

Gorgeous Grey Movement
How To Boldly Own Your Sparkle
A health scare woke me up and I decided to ditch the dye for the health of it. Let's dive in and look at why we dye our hair, how it impacts our health and examine why we are so afraid to go GREY?

I love the woman I am because I've fought hard to become her.
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