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Nicole Scott

Nicole Scott is a health advocate, Holistic Nutritionist, plant lover, freedom junkie, travel seeker, international on-line business owner and an independent mom of 2 teenage girls who lives in the Greater Toronto area in Canada.


She graduated from the University of Calgary with a BA in Psychology and Business minor. A true Westerner at heart she was transferred to Ontario in 1995 with Cadbury Beverages. She spent 10 years in the food manufacturing industry in sales before changing careers after learning her daughter had food allergies. After graduating in 2005 from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, she worked in a wellness clinic, consulting and teaching nutrition workshops in her community. That changed 14 years ago when her mother introduced her to an on-line wellness opportunity focused on plant based solutions.  Having a passion for business and nutrition, Your Sweet Life (YSL) was a perfect fit for a home-based business with 2 young children. Nicole achieved the top position of National Marketing Director 100 club while staying home raising her children. Nicole is truly following her dreams and living life to the PLUS. She is dedicated to MAKING A DIFFERENCE and she does this by leading a group of passionate health warriors around the world.

The Gorgeous Grey Movement came to be after a health scare, she had last year in 2018. Nicole found two lumps in her breast that got her on the path to discovery. That panic of “what if” set in.  The lumps were cysts thank goodness! They were painful and other symptoms of poor health were starting to show up in her late 40’s. This was a big Wake Up Call for her to dig deep into her lifestyle choices. Despite herself being a Holistic Nutritionist she realized there were still areas to improve to achieve optimal health. One of the things she learned along the way were the level of dangerous toxins she was using monthly to dye her dark hair. This led her to create the Gorgeous Grey Movement and inspire others to join her on “Owning Your Sparkle”. What does it mean to "Own Your Sparkle? Yes I want you to consider ditching the dye but it means more then that. I want to go deeper with you. How about shinning bright in all areas of your life? How about vibrating high each day and becoming the best version of YOU! Nicole has mentored 1000's of women over the last decade to take their health and lives to the next level. She is excited to connect with you and help you transform to the GREY side and beyond.

How can Nicole help you "Own Your Sparkle"?

  • Are you struggling with the idea of going GREY? I think most of us do. You may want to ditch the dye for the “health of it” but you don’t know where to start. Join our on-line Facebook Community “Gorgeous Grey Movement” and get daily support to transition to the “SPARKLE SIDE”.


  • Are you struggling with your own health and don’t know where to start? Our Design Your Sweet Body Program is a proven four-month program to help launch a healthier you. We offer an on-line Facebook Community that teaches you and inspires you to live a healthier lifestyle.


  • Are you struggling with your finances? Do you have any extra money at the end of the month to play and work on achieving some of your dreams? Our Design Your Sweet Life business opportunity helps families bridge the financial gap at the end of the month. We teach you how to run your own on-line wellness business around your busy life.

Where do you struggle in life? Going Grey? Health? Finances? Community and Connection? Whatever your struggle, I would love to work with you and show you a better way.


Love, Nicole


Gorgeous Grey Movement

The Gorgeous Grey Movement came to be after a health scare, I had last year in 2018. I found two lumps in my breasts that got me on the path to discovery. That panic of “what if” set in.  The lumps were just cysts thank God, but they were painful and other symptoms of poor health were starting to show up in my late 40’s. This was a big Wake Up Call for me to dig deep into my lifestyle choices. Despite myself being a Holistic Nutritionist I realized there were still areas to improve to achieve optimal health. One of the things I learned along the way were the level of dangerous toxins I was using monthly to dye my dark hair. This led me to create the Gorgeous Grey Movement and inspire others to join me on “Owning their own Sparkle”. 


October 12th, 2018 would be my last root touch up forever. Let’s go back to what happened that day. It was the usual fast in and out root touch up. I felt the usual burn to the scalp but this time I was more aware of the burn then ever. Why was it burning? What was in the dye that was causing me so much discomfort? Where was that dye soaking into? Where was it going in my body? The toxic fumes filled my lungs with every breathe I took and I noticed a slight burn in my eyes. For two days after I felt off. My head was fuzzy and I had a headache which I never get. My tongue had a toxic taste which I have noticed before. This time was different. I was tuned in. I was really paying attention to how I was feeling during and after my treatment. “Were those symptoms always there I asked myself”. Did I really ignore them all those years of dyeing my hair?  I was more aware then ever of my symptoms from the hair dye and my inner voice was screaming at me! “Enough is enough Nicole! You are smarter then this. You know your DNA weakness. You know that you are adding massive amounts of toxins every 3 weeks to your body that you have the power to control. What if?” That was it. I made my decision right in that moment. No more.  I was done with the root touch up forever. That grey sparkle was going to come and I was going to welcome it. I was doing this for my Health. I was finally going to listen to my body.

In my quest to go to the GREY SIDE, I decided I needed help and created the on-line Facebook Group Gorgeous Grey Movement. I was looking for inspiration from the legends that have gone before me. In the first two days over 100 women joined the movement. That was enough evidence for me to realize there was a need to support women that are looking to transition like me. My wish of this movement is to empower more women to come out of the closet with their GREY SPARKE and OWN it! Why you ask? For the health of it!


I am so excited  to  lead you and inspire you on your own  journey of  ditching  t he  dye.

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Email me your before and after picture along with a short story of why you decided to ditch the dye and I will feature you on social media.


Own Your Sparkle,



  your sweet life

We are a global wellness tribe that sweetens the lives of others. We are mothers, fathers, students, full-time professionals, retirees and athletes that have chosen an unconventional way of creating a sweet life. We believe everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and be the best version of themselves.  This business opportunity can make that happen.


The wellness program and business opportunity spoke to our hearts and dreams. We understood the potential and it lit us up. It inspired us to create the "Sweeter together" initiative to help those in need within our communities. We've helped many walk away from full-time professional careers and stay home to raise their children.  Others have been able to roll back to part-time hours, pay off debt, book dream vacations, contribute to monthly bills and have more play time in life. Who would have thought that a simple 'yes' would change the course of thousands of lives.


We want to gift you with a ysl guide and some other great tools to help you start you on your journey of designing a sweeter life from the inside out.   This guide includes some tips on how to raise your vibe and create more abundance in your life along with an in home workout guide and a delicious recipe book.

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  your sweet body


Are you ready for an extraordinary transformation in your life?  Do you want to break through your current health status?  Not just enjoy good health but live a vibrant joyful, sweet life?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

We provide you with the highest level of support.  It starts with a 1 on 1 consultation with one of our coaches.  We ask you the right questions so that we can design the right plan to help you establish healthy food and lifestyle habits that enable you to create your sweet body, inside and out!  We provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.  We teach you, motivate you and inspire you to move your health to the next level.  We are there with you every step of the way.

So if you’re wanting:

• more energy

• weight loss

• glowing skin

• a leaner body

• a stronger body

• to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

• to eliminate bloating

• to eliminate constipation

• to eliminate inflammation

• to slow down the aging process


We have what you’re looking for.  Let’s chat and help you become your       greatest success story!!



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