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With this package you'll receive a bundle of resources that will provide you with my step-by-step plan to support your health from the inside out PLUS, you'll get two 1:1 sessions with me (which take place completely online and from the comfort of your home.)


Two 1:1 Sessions with Me

Session 1: 40-min Personal Consult includes:
  • Review of 1 week Food Journal

  • Review Kitchen Over-Haul check list 

  • Review Stock-Up List of Immune Support Health Foods

  • Access to my 30-day Sweet Body Challenge

  • Free Cookbooks, Food Guide, and Shopping list

  • Top Foundational Supplements shared and personal recommendations

Session 2: 40 min Personal Consult includes:
  • Review of your 1 week Detox Journal Activity

  • Review of your Beauty Over-Haul Switch Out List

  • Review Stock up on Detox Builder Foods

  • Review Top Favourite Beauty Products

  • Discuss Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

Plus Your Digital Program Resources

  • A digital copy of my brand new book: Get Naked With Your Natural Hair Colour

  • Plant Based Recipe Guide for Detoxification & Glowing Skin

  • Food & Self Care Journal

  • My Grey Hair Transition Guide

  • Recipes, Shopping Guide + Resources  On Where to Order Healthy Food + Supplies Online

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