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If you’re struggling with all of the nasty symptoms of
menopause and you’re sick of it, you’re in the right place.


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An 8-week Program For Women Looking To Lose Weight, Reclaim Their Confidence and Increase Their Energy Again

  • Weight Gain 

  • Brain Fog

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Hot Flashes

  • Non-existent Energy 

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Skin + Hair Changes

  • Mood Swings

  • Depression & Anxiety


We’re all told that this is the NORM for women 50+. 


If you’ve ever felt dismissed by your primary physician or been told “that’s how it is when you reach a certain age!”


We’re here to call B.S. on all of that.

This doesn’t have to be your normal. 


It’s 100% possible to lose weight, have energy, stamina, focus and a passion for your life again … yes, even during Menopause. 


Inside the Menopause Reset, we’re going to spend 8 weeks together to reset your system, flood your body with nutrients, and get you moving in a way that supports energy + weight loss (without exhausting you).

Meet Nicole

I'm Nicole. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, rREST Mindset Coach, and Author. I have been working with women for over 17 years helping them feel great in their changing bodies.

I started the Gorgeous Grey Movement in 2018 after a health scare woke me up and I decided to ditch the dye and write a book "Gorgeous Grey Movement - How to Boldly Own Your Sparkle". My youtube channel “Gorgeous Grey Movement” has over 70 interviews of women’s stories about embracing their natural hair color and the aging process.

Recently, I started helping women lose weight in menopause after my own struggles with stubborn weight gain after 50. Together with my BFF Melissa, we saw the struggles women were having in Menopause and we wanted to help. With our years of experience we passionately created an 8 week program called: Menopause RESET. We are so excited to help more women feel great in their next chapter.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Podcast launching in October 2022. Gorgeous Grey Podcast – Real Conversations about Aging.

I believe as women we can and deserve to feel great even in our Menopausal years.


Meet Melissa

Hi I’m Melissa, and I’ve been a fitness instructor and personal/team trainer for 35 years.  As a certified rREST Coach, I specialize in helping you clear emotional the barriers that are holding you back. My experience, passion, high energy and never settle attitude, is the perfect combination to inspire you to step into your greatness and ignite your life’s vision.


In a former life I have held each of these titles, and I bring a mix of all my areas of expertise into my coaching experience with my clients:


  • Graduated from UWO degree in Kinesiology

  • Varsity Gymnast

  • Completed marathon, ½ ironman

  • Yoga/Pilates instructor

  • Author

  • Speaker/Trainer

  • Business Coach


Fun Facts

My hubby Rick and I, have 3 kids, Kenzi 26, Maddie 24 and Calvin 22 and we are still not empty nesters ☺


I'm addicted to chocolate, Peloton and travel.  

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This is NOT a cookie cutter program!

We know that weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing! It's different for every BODY. Which is why we did the research and discovered tried, tested and true strategies that actually work!

Inside this program we're going to let you in on what helped us get our mojo back and drop the muffin top (yup, it was different for each of us!)

This program, and the strategies shared within, are fully customizable to suit YOU.


If you’re looking for a simple system to follow along with to hold you accountable and get you back on track, this is it! 

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What We’ll Flow Through Inside Our 8-weeks Together:

  1. Getting Started with the Basics

  2. Hormones, Blood Work & Proper Testing

  3. Supporting Better Digestion

  4. How to get a good night's sleep

  5. Movement and Exercise during Menopause for the results you want to see & feel

  6. Mindset & self-care

  7. Creating a Healthy Home

  8. Maintenance + Next Steps

What's Included?

  • A delicious + healthy menu plan + recipes designed for women in Menopause

  • Worksheets and handouts to help you integrate the strategies we’re about to teach

  • Journal prompts to help with your mindset + goal setting

  • A Facebook community for deeper connection with other women on this journey 

  • 8-weeks of group coaching, accountability + support with Melissa & Nicole

Next Round Begins January 16th


More Energy. Smoother Digestion. Shed Inches. Feel Invigorated.


You’ll walk away from this program with a clear 8-week plan that works FOR YOU to help you get back on track. 


You can revisit the program any time you need a reset! It will be simple to follow and packed with accountability, community + next-level coaching.

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Our Final Love Note

We see you & we feel you.


Menopause is NOT an easy transition or phase to live through. But with the right strategies, support and system to follow along with, you CAN still feel good in your body again.


HOPE is on the other side of this program, along with more passion, more energy + more confidence to LOVE your life again.


It’s 100% possible and we can help you get there.

Your coaches & ultimate cheerleaders,
Nicole & Melissa XO
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