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Podcast Episode 008: How I lost my muffin top with Melissa Hyde

Welcome to The Gorgeous Grey Podcast, I am so excited you are here! My name is Nicole Scott, your host, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, rREST Mindset Coach, Author of The Gorgeous Grey Movement, and Co-Creator of The Menopause Reset Program.

In this episode, I am joined by my best friend and work wife, Melissa Hyde. Melissa is a Global Network Marketing Coach, rREST Coach, athlete, and Author. Throughout her entire working life, she has been an entrepreneur, a speaker, a personal trainer, and a Breakthrough Coach. She is an experienced leader that is super passionate about helping people get “unstuck”. Melissa is also the co-creator of our new program The Menopause Reset.

~What We Discuss~

*Melissa’s grey journey

*Melissa’s menopause journey

*What is The Menopause Reset Program

*Weight loss mindset

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