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Podcast Episode 010: How Sex Changes In Menopause And How We Can Support This Transition

Welcome to The Gorgeous Grey Podcast, I am so excited you are here! My name is Nicole Scott, your host, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, rREST Mindset Coach, Author of The Gorgeous Grey Movement, and Co-Creator of The Menopause Reset Program.

In this episode, Sexologist Theano Evagelou joins me to discuss the ins and outs of sex during menopause. Heralded as a 'modern day love doctor', Theano Evagelou is a Certified Sexologist, Authentic Tantra Practitioner, and Women's Health Specialist who champions the way for visionary women to live in their unique genius in every area of their life by creating the most incredible connections to their bodies, their sexuality and the source of their divine intelligence.

Recognized as a Woman Of Inspiration and 2022 award recipient in the category of Transformational Leader, Theano is dedicated to helping women defy the norms of society that don’t fit their dream life - breaking the chains that bind them to the belief that success and love can't exist simultaneously and bridging the gap between sexuality and leadership. Through this subtle but potent alchemy, women create what has not yet been created by living confidently in their feminine essence with their body as a source of power.

Her insights on sexuality, love, and desire have been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Authority Magazine, RedX, and Disrupt.

When she’s not helping others love themselves unconditionally and connect to themselves, their bodies and their intuition using love as the vehicle, you can find her in a book or course continuously upleveling her knowledge and personal growth (in sexuality work, women's health, real estate investing, and/or sacred relationship, and parenting), in practices and rituals that keep her powerfully connected to her body, nature, and a life of adventure and travel as she builds her future with the two loves of her life, her partner and teenage daughter.

~What We Discuss~

  • What is a Sexologist and what do they do?

  • It’s not just about sex

  • What happens to women during Menopause that impacts sex

  • Living with intention, gratitude and focus

  • Tools you can use to help your libido

  • The importance of lowering stress and improving sleep

  • Why putting yourself first is so important

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