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Podcast Episode 032: The Lab Work You Need When Your Hormones Feel

Welcome to The Gorgeous Grey Podcast, I am so excited you are here! My name is Nicole Scott, your host, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, rREST Mindset Coach, Author of The Gorgeous Grey Movement and Co-Creator of The Menopause Reset Program.

On this week's episode, I get to geek out all about hormone testing with Jenn Pike. Jenn is a Medical Exercise Specialist and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist specialising in women's health and hormones. She is the best-selling Author of three books; The Simplicity Project, The Simplicity Kitchen and The Simplicity Body. She is the fiercely driven Founder of The Hormone Project, Synced and The Audacious Woman. Potentially powerful programs dedicated to empowering and teaching women what they should have known about their bodies all along; the incredible healing abilities, wisdom and power they hold and how to bring them to life.

Jenn sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine and serves you up weekly doses of education, wisdom and inspiration on The Simplicity Sessions Podcast which has been in Apple's Top 200 in Health since its debut September 2018 and her channel Simplicity TV on youtube.

As an inspired wife and Mom of two, she understands that true well-being as a woman is a journey to be enjoyed not a struggle to be forced.

She will inspire you to cut the bs and create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do.

~What We Discuss~

  • Keeping a record of your bodies symptoms so you can recognize the patterns

  • Why the term “full blood work” means basic blood work (in the medical industry)

  • What happens when we constantly adapt to our stress instead of dealing with the underlining issues.

  • The storms that happen behind the scenes

  • All about hormone tests

  • Giving yourself permission to rest and heal

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