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Gorgeous Grey Movement

How To Boldly Own Your Sparkle

A health scare woke me up and I decided to ditch the dye for the health of it. Let's dive in and look at why we dye our hair, how it impacts our health and examine why we are so afraid to go GREY?

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From Passion To Leadership

Inspiring Stories Of Those Who Lead From The Heart


It is said that leaders aren’t born – they are made. And, just like anything else, they are made through hard work. This has never been more true, or more clear, than as relayed in the stories in From Passion to Leadership.

Each hard-working, ordinary person in this book has one thing in common with their fellow authors; they have not only found something they believe in, but also want to help others with their newfound knowledge. This heart-led approach combines tenacity and perseverance, resulting in beautiful experiences, unexpected outcomes, pinnacles of success, and many changed lives – including their own.

To read this book is to be inspired to take on the world. Enjoy!

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Juice Plus Products

The Menopause    Bundle


Our 3-blend capsules plus the addition of plant-based Omega-3 delivers powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins & minerals, plus potent anti-inflammatory properties which helps to not only serve your hair, skin & nails, but includes additional benefits such as...

  • Supports healthy skin

  • Supports healthy gums

  • Reduces Oxidative Stress

  • Supports immune health

  • Helps protect DNA

  • and much more...

What does this bundle have to do with Menopause?!

Tower Garden

Grow Your Own Fresh & Organic Greens All Year Round!!

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