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Your Sweet Life

Helping families build residual income and time freedom through our on-line business opportunity

'Your Sweet Life' is a global wellness tribe that sweetens the lives of others. We are mothers, fathers, students, full-time professionals, retirees and athletes that have chosen an unconventional way of creating a sweet life. We believe everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and be the best version of themselves.  This business opportunity can make that happen.


The wellness program and business opportunity spoke to our hearts and dreams. We understood the potential and it lit us up. It inspired us to create the "Sweeter together" initiative to help those in need within our communities. We've helped many walk away from full-time professional careers and stay home to raise their children.  Others have been able to roll back to part-time hours, pay off debt, book dream vacations, contribute to monthly bills and have more play time in life. Who would have thought that a simple 'yes' would change the course of thousands of lives.


Your Sweet Body

The Sweet Body Program has impacted over 10,000
families now globally....will you be next?


Fall in LOVE

with taking care
of your BODY


Craving a healthier you?


Our Sweet Body Program is NOT a one-size fits all. The program is tailored for you to meet you where you are and show you how to make sustainable upgrades in your healthy lifestyle. You go at your own pace! Some people want to make radical shifts in their well-being while others make smaller steady changes. The key is that this is NOT a short-term fad diet where you make unrealistic goals and slip back after the challenge is over leaving you feeling bad about yourself physically and emotionally.

This program caters especially for families, but we also have Olympic athletes, body builders and people just wanting to be the best version of themselves and benefiting from this unique healthy life-style program.

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