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 Nicole Scott :  My Sweet Life Story......

Banff Canada with our Sweet Tribe 2018 having fun!

I am proud to be a Network Marketing Professional and help people design a SWEET  LIFE!

I was following a very common path; get a university education, land a corporate job, get married, have kids, work the corporate ladder grind and max out on my earnings until I retired…sound familiar? Yes that was me!  For 10 years I was stuck in that rat race. I loved the money and perks, but they came with so much sacrifice. Corporate owned me.


Having my first baby at age 31 changed everything for me. I knew in my core that I did not want to go back to work and have someone else raise her. At 9 months old Ella had a ton of allergies that rattled our world.  Her sickness was actually a blessing.  It redirected me to build a new career as a Nutritionist which I loved, but never felt I got paid what I was worth. 

One winter morning, 14 years ago, I got a phone call that would change the direction of my life forever! My mom shared this amazing Network Marketing business opportunity with me. However, working in corporate Canada for so many years and now as a new graduate from Nutrition school, I had become a SNOB! I thought Network Marketing was beneath me, it was one of those businesses...No Thank-You! After much eye rolling, skepticism and research, I eventually said YES. I’ll admit I was a hard nut to crack!

Thanks mom for not giving up on me.


The lifestyle program took our family’s health to the next level. We made a few simple changes and within weeks our energy levels increased, mommy got her mojo back and started to run again.  The kids had fewer sick days and we became an allergy-free family. 


This opportunity has enabled me to become financially independent and stay home and raise my girls. Even after my divorce 5 years ago, I didn’t have to go back to my corporate job.  Instead, I was able to take as much time as I needed to help us heal as a new family. 


The best gift in this journey was finding me again and allowing myself to dream big!


I am so grateful for a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE. Thank You YSL Community.

© 2019 by Nicole Scott.

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